Yield Farming Club

About Yield Farming Club

What's Yield Farming Club

We are a group of crypto enthusiasts trying to create something familiar but at the same time different in the DeFi space, we've been investing in several projects for quite a while trying to make a profit and learn as much as possible, we have lost money a lot of times but we have made good profits too, after some point we started understanding which group of conditions had to be met in a project in order for us to make some money out of it and which ones mean almost certain losses, we are very passionate about reading, analyzing and writing Smart Contracts in DeFi and exploring the Solidity language in general so we decided to group all the knowledge we gathered over the years working with so many types of projects and create something ourselves.
Our basic premise for our first 6 projects launched (Cocktail Finance, Champagne Finance, Nightclub Finance, Bloody Mary Finance, Mojito Finance, Mimosa Finance) is to create different mechanisms that through interconnected tokenomics can keep the prices as stable as possible and the APRs high enough so investors can see fast ROIs.


You will find disclaimers with several clarifications and warnings in most sections of this documentation, this is something you rarely see in any other Yield Farming project we do this in order to make sure people understand many of the risks associated with these kind of projects. We are open for suggestions, complaints and feedback, we have had several long discussions with members in all of our channels and we will continue to do so, all we ask is that you make sure your calculations are in order before you make an investment in ours or any Yield Farming project, these type of investments are not for unexperienced, impatient and amateur investors. We simply provide the platforms and the proper instruments which if used properly can generate a considerable profit so it's up to the investors to research, manage risk, calculate and take advantage of the opportunities Yield Farming offers wisely. Feel free to ask us any question!

Some background

We have been disappointed by lots of crypto and DeFi projects before so many times that we reached a point when we finally we learnt how to separate the gold from the trash. Among many of the conclusions we had, we realized big and fancy whitepapers and documentation DO NOT MEAN ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING, massive marketing campaigns selling really basic features as if they were high-tech futuristic Fintech solutions only creates artificial hype to fuel temporary bubbles which only benefit the devs and a few investors, we learnt most tricks many projects use to portray themselves as the next Fintech giant, the next Facebook, Google and Microsoft all combined, and we've seen many of these deceiving techniques applied over and over again even before the ICO bubble in 2017, same old tricks just different makeup, but during these years we also saw awesome projects with great people behind them creating fantastic platforms full of interesting features and tokenomics which truly inspired us to believe and see the unbelievable potential crypto and DeFi has, and ultimately those influenced us to start our own project.

Part of our philosophy

We want to keep a no BS approach to everything we do, we won't market ourselves like if we were going to be the next UniSwap, our business model does not seek to be known by everybody and create massive user adoption, our goal is not either to develop groundbreaking tech tools that will change DeFi forever.
We just want to focus exclusively in finally creating several of the tokenomics we've been designing for a while and applying them in such a way that will make our investors money, yes as simple as that sounds, we are VERY confident we can achieve this in a very efficient and sustainable way, however efficient does not mean fast for us, as you will learn in future sections of this documentation we do not seek to please the demands and desires of the unexperienced and impatient investor, our model is designed in such a way that investors who support us and believe in our initiatives can keep receiving income and profits even months after their initial investment, this is hard to believe and it might sound too good to be true but we already have tested many of these concepts and so far they have proven to be as effective as we expected.