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Nightclub Finance

Here you can find all info about Nightclub Finance
Nightclub Finance is a project design exclusively to reward the owners of all the native tokens: $YFC, $COCKTAIL, $CHPG, $NIGHT, $BLOOD, $MJTO, $MMSA as well as their respective BUSD and BNB LP tokens. For this project our price stabilization strategy is going to be very aggressive, all fees and dev rewards will be burned and a $10.000 fund will be used to pump the price when needed to offer rewards for the longest possible time. This project will also have an adjustable emission rate which will be modified at our own discretion.
Official Website: https://nightclub.farm/ MasterChefV2: 0x78d084b258C390B5A026A966f9Cf9911149CDF22 StartBlock: 7806000 (May 28th 2021) Countdown: https://bscscan.com/block/countdown/7806000

$NIGHT Details:


  • Front End creation
  • Deployment of the MasterChef Smart Contract
  • Front End deployment at nightclub.farm
  • Transfer $NIGHT ownership to MasterChef
  • Official launch of Nightclub Finance
  • Marketing Campaign #1
  • Marketing Campaign #2
  • Marketing Campaign #3
  • More info will be added soon


Be mindful of the general price trajectory the native tokens of all Yield Farming projects have, feel free to pump or dump any native token, speculate the way you find more convenient but do it on YOUR OWN RISK, we will NEVER ask you to buy, or hold any of our native tokens, if you do so we assume you have calculated properly a good strategy based on all the data provided by the Smart Contracts, the front-end and our documentation.