Yield Farming Club

Cocktail Finance


Front end deployment: Apr 27 2021
StartBlock: 7012940 (Apr-30-2021 10:15:49 AM +UTC)
Token Details:
  • Ticker: COCKTAIL
  • Contract Address: 0x57900E369D2ab675C1e76529E65C6A3938906020
  • CHAIN: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

General analysis of project performance

$COCKTAIL experimented a heavy devaluation after the Start Block took place, several buybacks and burns were done causing a considerable but temporary increase in price but no effect on the price direction for the long term, after trying different strategies we realized we reached a point were the only feasible measure we found to keep the price as stable as possible was to reduce the emission rate from 1 $COCKTAIL per block to only 0.1 $COCKTAIL per block. This helped to slow down inflation quite a bit.
Most APRs were high for long enough periods so investors who deposited and were charged with the 3% deposited fee were able to get that back as well as some profits. We prioritized in our marketing strategy to give away rewards MAINLY to investors which we thought were the ones who deserved that money over influencers and publicity campaigns, in other words we prioritized investors fidelity over project expansion. Some our plans were not as effective as we expected, so we compiled all learning acquired working with Cocktail Finance and launched Champagne Finance, giving special priority to making sure people still holding $COCKTAIL can use their free rewards to mint $CHPG.

Cocktail Finance

  • Front End creation
  • Front End deployment at cocktail.farm
  • Deployment of the MasterChef Smart Contract
  • Transfer $COCKTAIL ownership to MasterChef
  • Creation of VIP pools
  • Inauguration of Cocktail Finance
  • Marketing campaign #1
  • $COCKTAIL buy backs and burn of tokens round 1
  • Marketing campaigns #2
  • $COCKTAIL buy backs and burn of tokens round 2
  • Marketing campaign #3
  • Partnership with CBD CASH (ongoing)
  • Marketing campaign #4
  • Pool creation with high APR in Champagne Finance
  • Creation and distribution of $COCKTAILX to all VIP investors
  • Marketing campaign #5 (FINAL)


Be mindful of the general price trajectory the native tokens of all Yield Farming projects have, feel free to pump or dump any native token, speculate the way you find more convenient but do it on YOUR OWN RISK, we will NEVER ask you to buy, or hold any of our native tokens, if you do so we assume you have calculated properly a good strategy based on all the data provided by the Smart Contracts, the front-end and our documentation.