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Champagne Finance

All info related to Champagne Finance
Champagne Finance is the result of refining all strategies proposed in our previous project, the main objective for this project is price stabilization for the longer period of time, this will be achieved by our new burning mechanism, a reduced and and adjustable emission rate and finally a key connection to 5 of the 6 of the projects launched by the Yield Farming Club, this should create enough token demand to keep the price as stable as possible for the longest period of time ensuring investors will see good profits.
Official Website: https://champagne.farm/ Listing on DappRadar: https://dappradar.com/binance-smart-chain/defi/champagne-finance MasterChefV2: 0x333C62cd46a4d8CC504e56c8e7371AA60B75455F StartBlock: 7682670 ( May 24th 2021) Initial pools + farms: 24

$CHPG Details:


  • Front End creation
  • Deployment of the MasterChef Smart Contract
  • Front End deployment at champagne.farm
  • Listing on DappRadar
  • Transfer $CHPG ownership to MasterChef
  • Add $8.000 of liquidity to CHPG-BUSD LP
  • Marketing Campaign #1
  • Marketing Campaign #2
  • Creation of VIP pools
  • Marketing Campaign #4
  • Including tokenomics to increase $COCKTAIL and $YFC usability
  • Inauguration of Champagne Finance
  • Marketing Campaign #5
  • More info will be added soon


Be mindful of the general price trajectory the native tokens of all Yield Farming projects have, feel free to pump or dump any native token, speculate the way you find more convenient but do it on YOUR OWN RISK, we will NEVER ask you to buy, or hold any of our native tokens, if you do so we assume you have calculated properly a good strategy based on all the data provided by the Smart Contracts, the front-end and our documentation.