Yield Farming Club


Here you'll find general information about $YFC.


$YFC was created as a core component of our tokenomics strategy, in essence it provides holders with the possibility of staking in our 5 projects: Cocktail Finance, Champagne Finance, Bloody Mary, Mojito Finance, Mimosa Finance and getting the highest APR available in each project. It will also provide VIP benefits for the vaults launched by us in the future. Additionally it will grant special privileges to it's holders to define the direction of each project through the governance capabilities incorporated in the $YFC Smart Contract code. There are some other areas where we plan to include $YFC but all details will be announced later on.
Ticker: YFC Contract address: 0x05912B45f92D5421e3fA4F6DF196CA28Ef65F59C Initial price set at: $25 USD Total Supply: 1.000 Ownership status: Renounced Proof of ownership renouncement: 0x2fdb2700c31b1401952535fbb84a95314dfd4bb93414c07851205f431e299be9 Exchange: Follow link


We created $YFC as a reward mechanism like we described before, many investors have been asking questions about $YFC before this information was posted and we were absolutely clear every single time people asked about how risky we considered trading a token which had no clear information released by the creators, we informed we saw $YFC as something way bigger than just a simple pump and dump token, but even so people keep trading and speculating with it, we set the initial price of $25 because we considered and still consider it a fair price, we never expected people pumping it to +$380, we understood that as a sign of how much people were interested to be a part of what we were building but we insisted and could not stress enough that those moves were purely speculative. Calculate your risk properly please.